Buying a Sunday Newspaper For The Coupons?

I used to buy the weekly Sunday newspaper of my local paper subscription all the time just for the deals and ad inserts. Since then I’ve stopped. Why? Because most of all those ads and deals can be found online now.

All my favorite stores such as Best Buy, Kohls, etc are all found online and provide the exact same content as in the newspaper. You can generally just head right over to their site and get the weekly ad. Some of them are even searchable so you won’t have to go through all 20 or so pages to find the savings you are looking for. The stores themselves also usually have the same ad right in the store. I’ll often browse the ad right in the store and return it to save on paper. See my rant on recycling concerns below.

What Coupons Are We Missing Without the Sunday Paper?

It seems what we actually miss out on is the RedPlum ad or SmartSource insert. While my newspaper was often missing this insert, many still have it. If your newspaper does still have it, it may still be worth getting the local paper. If you just find one coupon worth $1.50 off, you may already be making your money back on the newspaper purchase.

However you may still be able to get these inserts without subscribing as we’ll outline below. It is possible to get it mailed to you or find it in store.

Recycling Concerns

Another reason I’ve dropped buying the Sunday paper is simply to save on recycling. Since I hardly read the whole paper, it seems like a waste of paper for me to get the entire paper without reading it. With global climate change a real thing, avoiding needlessly wasting paper when possible does allow me to “do my part”. With iPads, laptops, and phones able to provide the same content, why use paper when it is not necessary to do so?

Coupon Book Finder

Red Plum has provided its own coupon book finder so that you can search which newspaper or if you can get it in the mail. If you do miss that insert we recommend using that finder in order to find this near you rather than subscribing to the Sunday paper just to get that weekly insert.


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