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I signed up with the Swagbucks service ages ago! It actually has been pretty helpful actually. You collect points and get rewards on your purchases. In fact you can participate in different activities in order to get their points. Rewards include offers such as Amazon gift cards, Xbox systems, and more. Keep in mind you need A LOT of points to get something good. Even getting a $5 gift card can be challenging.

They do have a lot of users and an endless amount of surveys you can participate in. Getting the surveys isn’t the problem. The biggest problem we’ve had is just whether or not it is worth it for the time we put in. You would never make a living filling out surveys for swagbucks. You would have to fill out a ton of surveys at a rapid pace to even make a reasonable return on your time.

However, if you are one of those people that likes surveys, Swagbucks could be a good service to join. We’ve provided the link for those interested in signing up!

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