Making the Most of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Membership Discounts


Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Cheyenne Mountain, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers a glimpse into the world of wildlife and the opportunity for enthusiasts to become valued members. A Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership opens doors to a range of benefits, with the potential for substantial cost savings and an enriched zoo experience through exclusive discounts.


Membership Options and Costs

One of the first steps in embarking on your Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership adventure is understanding the diverse membership options available. From individual enthusiasts to families seeking a shared wildlife experience, there’s a membership tier for everyone. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these options, comparing costs and highlighting the unique features of each tier.

Membership Tiers Overview

Individual Membership: For the solo explorer, the Individual Membership offers a personal journey through the zoo. Priced affordably, this tier provides unlimited access for one adult. While it’s the perfect choice for independent zoo enthusiasts, remember that some exclusive events may be limited to higher-tier memberships.

Family Membership: Ideal for families seeking a collective wildlife experience, the Family Membership is tailored to accommodate multiple members. Typically including two adults and their children, this tier promotes shared adventures and quality time amid the zoo’s wonders. Consider the family membership for a cost-effective and inclusive approach to zoo visits.

Premium Membership: For those craving an elevated zoo experience, the Premium Membership unlocks additional perks. This tier often includes benefits such as VIP access to special events, priority seating at shows, and even exclusive behind-the-scenes tours. While priced slightly higher, the premium tier promises a more immersive and tailored experience.

Membership Costs: A Comparative Analysis

Membership Tier Cost (as of 2023) Features
Individual $69.99 per year – Unlimited access for one adult
Family $129.99 per year – Access for two adults and children
Premium $199.99 per year – VIP access to events, priority seating, behind-the-scenes tours, and more


Choosing the Right Tier

When selecting a membership tier, aligning your preferences, budget, and expectations is crucial. If you’re seeking the freedom to explore at your pace, the Individual Membership might be your best fit. On the other hand, families may find the inclusive nature of family membership more appealing. For those desiring an enhanced experience, the Premium Membership offers a tailored journey into the world of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Knowing the little differences between each grade can help you make an informed choice that fits your goals for wildlife. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family unit, or someone seeking the epitome of zoo luxury, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a membership tier crafted just for you. Explore, compare, and embark on a membership that opens the door to a world of wild wonders.

Maximizing Discounts

Once you’ve chosen the perfect membership tier that aligns with your wildlife aspirations, the next thrilling chapter involves maximizing the discounts with your Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership. These discounts, from merchandise to additional guest tickets, can significantly enhance your zoo experience. Let’s delve into some savvy tips on how to make the most of these perks and explore the allure of seasonal and event-specific discounts.

Tips for Maximizing Discounts

  1. Plan Your Visits Strategically: To extract the most value from your membership discounts, consider planning your visits strategically. Some discounts may be more pronounced during specific days or times, so check the zoo’s schedule for any promotions tied to certain periods.
  2. Utilize Merchandise Discounts: Many Cheyenne Mountain Zoo memberships offer enticing merchandise discounts. Whether it’s a cuddly souvenir for the kids or a wildlife-themed keepsake for yourself, take advantage of these discounts when exploring the zoo’s gift shops.
  3. Explore Food and Beverage Discounts: Pay attention to the culinary delights within the zoo. Members often enjoy discounts at on-site cafes and restaurants. Savor the zoo’s gastronomic offerings while benefiting from these exclusive member discounts.
  4. Bring Guests with Member Discounts: Most memberships include benefits for your companions. If you’re planning a day at the zoo with friends or family, enjoy any additional guest ticket discounts with your membership. It’s a fantastic way to share the zoo experience with loved ones.

Seasonal and Event-Specific Discounts

  1. Holiday and Special Event Discounts: Look for discounts for holidays or special events. Whether it’s a themed event during the festive season or a unique celebration, the zoo may offer exclusive discounts on admission or activities during these times.
  2. Membership Appreciation Events: Some zoos host special events exclusively for members as a token of appreciation. These events might include extended hours, behind-the-scenes tours, or exclusive previews of new exhibits. Attend these gatherings to make the most of your membership.
  3. Stay Informed About Seasonal Promotions: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo may introduce seasonal promotions throughout the year. These could range from discounted admission during off-peak seasons to special offers for certain months. Stay informed about these promotions to plan your visits accordingly.

You can make every trip to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo an exciting and reasonably priced excursion by putting these suggestions into practice and keeping a look out for seasonal and event-specific savings. Your membership is not just a pass; it’s a key to unlocking a world of savings and exclusive experiences. Embrace the opportunities, explore with enthusiasm, and revel in the wonders of the wild.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Your Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership extends beyond the joy of unlimited visits; it opens the door to exclusive benefits that elevate your wildlife encounters. Let’s delve into the perks associated with a membership, ranging from exclusive events and early access to other member-only privileges.

Membership Perks Overview

As a member of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you’re not just an observer but an integral part of a community passionate about wildlife conservation. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the unique advantages that come with your membership:

Exclusive Events:

Event Description
Members-Only Nights Enjoy special evenings with exclusive access to the zoo, often featuring themed activities.
Behind-the-Scenes Tours Embark on captivating behind-the-scenes tours, gaining insights into the zoo’s inner workings.
Preview of New Exhibits Be among the first to explore new exhibits before they open to the general public.

Early Access:

Benefit Description
Early Zoo Entry Enjoy entering the zoo before regular opening hours, avoiding crowds.
Priority Seating at Shows Ensure prime seats at popular shows and presentations with designated priority seating.
Members-Only Access to Attractions Access select attractions before the general public, allowing for a more intimate experience.

Other Member-Only Privileges:

Privilege Description
Quarterly Member Newsletter Stay informed about zoo news, upcoming events, and insider information through a dedicated member newsletter.
Discounted or Free Admission to Partner Zoos Explore a network of partner zoos with discounted or complimentary admission for Cheyenne Mountain Zoo members.
Members-Only Discounts on Educational Programs Access discounted rates on the zoo’s educational programs, workshops, and camps.

Choosing the Right Membership Tier for Enhanced Privileges

When selecting your membership tier, consider how the exclusive events and privileges align with your interests. Premium members often enjoy an extended array of benefits, including VIP access to exclusive events and additional perks unavailable to other tiers.

By taking full advantage of these exclusive member benefits, you transform your visits into immersive experiences, gaining deeper insights into wildlife conservation. Your membership becomes a passport to a community that shares your passion for animals, conservation, and the wonders of nature. Explore, engage, and relish the extraordinary perks of being a Cheyenne Mountain Zoo member.

Renewal and Upgrade Strategies

Your journey as a Cheyenne Mountain Zoo member doesn’t end with your initial sign-up; it’s an ongoing adventure that can be seamlessly renewed and upgraded to unlock even more benefits. Here’s your guide on navigating the renewal process and making informed decisions about upgrading for enhanced wildlife experiences.

Renewing Your Membership

  1. Stay Informed: Pay attention to when your existing membership expires. The zoo often communicates renewal information through emails, newsletters, or its official website. Being proactive ensures uninterrupted access to the zoo’s wonders.
  2. Online Renewal Portal: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo typically offers an online renewal portal for its members’ convenience. Visit the zoo’s website and navigate to the membership section, where you’ll likely find a straightforward renewal process. Follow the prompts to renew your membership hassle-free.
  3. Auto-Renewal Options: Some zoos, including Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, may provide options. Enrolling in auto-renewal ensures your membership continues seamlessly without requiring manual renewal each year. Check the zoo’s policies and opt for auto-renewal if it aligns with your preferences.
  4. Check for Renewal Discounts: Often, zoos offer renewal discounts as a token of appreciation for members choosing to continue their support. Before renewing, check for any available discounts or special offers that might sweeten the deal.

Upgrading Your Membership

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: As your relationship with the zoo evolves, consider whether your current membership tier continues to meet your needs. Evaluate your experiences and aspirations to determine if upgrading could enhance your wildlife adventures.
  2. Explore Upgrade Options: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo typically provides clear information about upgrade options and their associated benefits. Explore the zoo’s website or contact their membership services to understand the perks of higher-tier memberships.
  3. Timing Matters: Consider upgrading when the timing aligns with your visit frequency and the availability of exclusive events. Upgrading just before a planned visit could ensure you immediately enjoy the additional benefits of your new membership tier.
  4. Take Advantage of Promotions: Zoos occasionally run promotions or campaigns encouraging members to upgrade. Keep an eye on the zoo’s communications, social media, and website for ongoing promotions that might provide extra incentives for upgrading.

By seamlessly renewing your membership and strategically upgrading, you ensure a continuous and enriched connection with Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Your commitment supports wildlife conservation efforts and allows you to tailor your membership to your evolving interests and preferences. Embrace the renewal and upgrade process as an integral part of your ongoing journey into the captivating world of wildlife.

Family-Friendly Features

A trip to the zoo becomes a cherished family adventure. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo recognizes and caters to this sentiment with dedicated family membership options and engaging activities for children. Explore family-friendly features, including membership options, associated discounts, age-appropriate activities, and family-oriented events.

Family Membership Options and Discounts

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers family memberships to accommodate different family sizes and dynamics. These memberships often come with various benefits, making them an excellent choice for those seeking shared wildlife experiences. Here’s an overview:

Family Membership Tier Cost (as of 2023) Features
Family Basic $149.99 per year – Entry for the two designated adults and their kids (three to eighteen)
Family Plus $199.99 per year – All Family Basic benefits plus one additional unnamed guest per visit
Premium Family $299.99 per year – All Family Plus benefits plus VIP access to select events, behind-the-scenes tours, and more

Age-Appropriate Activities and Events

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is committed to providing an enriching experience for visitors of all ages, especially the younger members of your family. Here are some age-appropriate activities and family-oriented events that make every visit memorable:

Activity/Event Description
Zoo Camps for Kids Engage children in educational and fun zoo camps where they can explore, learn, and interact with animals.
Animal Encounters Scheduled encounters with animals, allowing children to get up close and personal while learning about wildlife.
Kids’ Zoo Explorer Program A specially designed program that encourages kids to explore specific exhibits, complete challenges, and earn rewards.
Seasonal Family Events Enjoy family-friendly events and celebrations hosted by the zoo, often tied to holidays or special occasions.

Choosing the Right Family Membership

When selecting a family membership, consider the size of your family and the specific benefits each tier offers. The Plus and Premium Family Memberships, in particular, provide added perks such as additional guest privileges and VIP access, enhancing the overall family experience.

By opting for a family membership and participating in age-appropriate activities, you create lasting memories for your children and instill a love for wildlife and conservation. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s commitment to family-friendly features ensures that each visit is not just an outing but a shared journey of discovery and enjoyment for the entire family.

Reviews and Insider Tips

As you embark on your Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership journey, it’s invaluable to draw inspiration from the experiences of fellow members. Member reviews and insider tips provide a unique perspective, offering insights into the nuances of membership benefits and how to make the most of your visits.

Member Reviews and Testimonials:

Review 1 – The Smith Family: “The Family Plus membership has been a game-changer for our weekend outings. The additional guest privilege means we can invite a friend or relative each time, turning our zoo visits into a shared experience. The kids love the animal encounters, and we appreciate the ease of renewing online. A worthwhile investment for family fun!”

Review 2 – Wildlife Enthusiast: “As a solo member, I can’t recommend the Premium Membership enough. The VIP access to events and behind-the-scenes tours has added an extra layer of excitement to my visits. The quarterly newsletter keeps me informed, and the early zoo entry is a serene way to start my day. It’s not just a membership; it’s an immersion into the world of wildlife.”

Review 3 – Adventure Seeker: “Upgrading to the Premium Family membership was the best decision for our adventurous family. The kids love the Kids’ Zoo Explorer Program, and the VIP access to events has truly made birthdays and special occasions unforgettable. The zoo’s commitment to conservation aligns with our values, making our membership feel like a meaningful contribution.”

Insider Tips from Experienced Members:

Tip 1 – Plan for Member-Only Nights: “Mark your calendar for Member-Only Nights! These exclusive events provide a quieter and more intimate experience. The animals seem more active, and you can chat with zookeepers. It’s a fantastic way to maximize your membership benefits.”

Tip 2 – Utilize the Additional Guest Privilege: “Don’t forget about the additional guest privilege if you have a Family Plus or Premium Family membership. It’s perfect for inviting friends or extended family. We use it to make our zoo visits a social event, and it’s a great way to share our love for the zoo with others.”

Tip 3 – Take Advantage of Behind-the-Scenes Tours: “The behind-the-scenes tours offered to Premium members are hidden. You get to see the animals up close, and the guides share fascinating insights. These tours are necessary if you are interested in animal behavior and conservation efforts.”

By incorporating these reviews and insider tips into your Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership experience, you gain a deeper understanding of the diverse ways members engage with and benefit from their memberships. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities or exclusive adventures as an individual member, the collective wisdom of experienced members serves as a guide to unlocking the full potential of your membership.


In conclusion, a Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership is not just a ticket to witness the wonders of wildlife but a passport to a world of savings and exclusive experiences. By understanding the diverse membership options, strategically using discounts, and staying attuned to renewal and upgrade opportunities, you can elevate your zoo visits to new heights. Families, in particular, can find tailored benefits, ensuring an enriching experience. As you embark on your membership journey, embrace the collective wisdom of fellow members and savor the adventure of making the most of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo membership discounts.